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Changes in prescribing guidelines for Gluten-Free food products

The Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership have published guidance on changes to over-the-counter medicines and Gluten-free food products

Guidance has been published by the 3 Clinical Commissioning Groups in Leeds regarding the funding of over-the-counter medicines, and Gluten-Free food products. They have published their guidance on their website and is available to view here. Their guidance states:

The three Leeds CCGs have a duty to make sure we spend our budget wisely and in the most cost effective way. Your thoughts on how we spend it are important. If we review how we spend money we have the chance to look at how we can use it better, to pay for newer treatments and support other services.

What are we proposing to change?

• To not routinely prescribe* gluten-free foods on a prescription basis.
• To not routinely prescribe* branded medicines when a non-branded (generic) product is available, unless there is a medical reason.
• To not routinely prescribe* a range of “over the counter” medicines on prescription.

(*not routinely prescribing – this means that the prescribing clinician would use their clinical judgement in individual cases if a prescription is needed or not).

Ultimately, your GP will work with you to make the final decision about your medication, using official and recommended guidelines. They will take into account your individual circumstances
and condition to make an informed decision. This will ensure that you receive the best and most effective care, whilst also helping the NHS be more efficient.

These changes if approved by the Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership Governing Body will come into effect from January 2018; if you feel these changes are likely to affect you then please refer to the published guidance, and if you have any queries that cannot be answered in this way then please contact the Practice Manager or Patient Services Manager.

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