eConsultation Forms

Admin tasks

I Want to see a GP

Use this form to request an appointment with a GP.

Cancel appointment

This form allows you to quickly cancel an appointment, you will need to re-book at a later date.

Get a sick / fit note

If you already have a sick/fit note and wish to extend the period of absence from work, then you can do this by completing an online form

Health problems

I want to review my Asthma

If you are due annual your asthma review or feel your asthma is not well controlled, use this form.

I want to review my Epilepsy

If you have Epilepsy and have been asked for up to date information about your condition as part of an annual or medication review process, use this form.

I want to renew my Contraceptive Pill Prescription

If you have been started on a contraceptive pill by a doctor or nurse previously and wish to continue this medication, use this form.  Before you begin please have a blood pressure reading and weight (in Kg), taken within the last 2 weeks, ready to submit. Blood pressure checks are available at most pharmacies, your gym, or with our healthcare assistant.

I want to submit some Blood Pressure Readings to my Doctor

If you have been asked to submit a series of Home Blood Pressure readings then use this form.